The process

The NHC’s power lies in bringing diverse interests together to develop and advocate for a limited number of policy proposals over the next year that can shape and sustain housing affordability over the long term.

The Collaborative’s task is three-fold:

  1. Identify a limited number of shared priority areas for policy development
  2. Produce a set of action-oriented policy proposals, within priority areas
  3. Advocate for their adoption in a national housing strategy by the federal government, starting with Budget 2017

The NHC’s work is done by contributing organizations and a small Secretariat, hosted by United Way Toronto & York Region. In addition, the NHC is engaging a number of stakeholders from across the country in its discussions and deliberations, including representatives from municipal and provincial governments.  Regional discussions, hosted by United Ways across Canada with local co-hosts, bring practitioners, providers, people with lived experience and key constituents together to workshop ideas and provide key input into the policy development process.

To date, the NHC has engaged in discussions with community representatives from a variety of regions and groups, including from:

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